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Tailored to your business workflow
Streamline, Automate and Monitor

Make your database do exactly what you need

Advanced Database Solutions will tailor a database software system to your company's exact processes and workflow. We specialize in creating easy-to-use, custom, data-driven business systems for your LAN or the web.

Choose the technology ( MS Access, SQL Server , ASP.NET ) that suits you and we will make running processes at your business easier, faster, and just more enjoyable!

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Automate your workflow and build better reports.

We program complete systems, including all the reporting and flags that you will need. We also develop niche software to fill in any gaps present in your current systems.

As we build your database, we can create forms, alerts, reminders and notifications to match your desired needs. Our team can automate your business workflow by programming those repetitive tasks that take much of your daily time.

Our Support

  • We will assist with identifying the struggles your business is dealing with.
  • We’ll fully support all software written for you
  • We will spend the necessary time training your associates so they can hit the ground running the moment the software is placed in front of them.

Our Expertise

For almost 2 decades, the professionals at Advanced Database Solutions have been writing expert data systems for businesses throughout the country. We have written systems that include:

  • Tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Proposals and Quoting
  • Order Tracking
  • Metrics
  • Inventory
  • Real Estate and Leasing
  • Gas and Oil Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • and many more...

Initial Review

We will review your existing database software or business workflow to come up with possible improvements.

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Master Planning

We will outline a comprehensive plan on how to tailor the database to meet your desired needs.

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Comprehensive Testing

All our databases go through comprehensive QA Cycles to ensure a bug free application.

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Choose the technology that suits you!


Microsoft Access

  • $0 Deposit!
  • 20 Concurrent Users
  • Single Location
    (Easy to upgrade to SQL Server Later!)
  • Lowest Development Cost

  • MS Access has every feature a business needs to handle workflow control, management, reporting and automation.


    SQL Server

  • Most Popular!
  • Unlimited Concurrent Users
  • Multiple
  • Enterprise-grade Solution

  • SQL Server can be swapped with your MS Access database back-end, all while leaving the users and MS Access interface experience virtually unchanged.



  • Webpages
  • *Includes FREE Hosting!
  • Accessible Anytime, Anywhere,
    Any Platform!
  • Webpage Driven Database

  • ADS Specializes in optimizing remote work for employees to seamlessly work away from the office.


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